Within the Creating an online store with 1 Click Online Control Panel, you can find a group of Advanced Resources. They’re intended for cloud hosting users that are familiar with controlling their web hosting setting. However, because of the uncomplicated interface of the Online Control Panel, they’re just easy to work with, even for rookies. What is more, we have included a variety of comprehensive how–to guides that can help beginner customers instantly learn how to work with the software tools!

Hotlink Protection

Safeguard yourself against bandwidth theft

Any time you generate genuine content material for one’s site, it is important to defend it from individuals who wish to use it not having your authorization. For this function, we’ve developed a specialized safety software instrument within the Creating an online store with 1 Click Online Control Panel. The Hotlink Protection tool was created to secure all images at your site from being employed in any publications without having your agreement.

The tool is actually simple to use, without any configuration expected in any way. All you have to actually do is determine which domain name to shield and start the service.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automatic generation of .htaccess files

Incorporated inside the Creating an online store with 1 Click Online Control Panel you will find .htaccess Generator – a potent instrument, which lets you generate .htaccess files without having to create them by hand. The tool involves absolutely no practical experience as well as zero knowledge of .htaccess file supervision.

By having an .htaccess file, you can quickly redirect several pages of your respective web site or even the complete website to a completely new place. You can also use it to defend a directory by using a security password as well as to permit PHP code inside HTML files, etc.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Block out malicious IP addresses from ever accessing your web site

When you have top–ranked web site, sooner or later you fall victim to spammers and malevolent website visitors. It’s possible to secure your web sites from such behavior by using the IP blocking tool incorporated into Creating an online store with 1 Click’s Online Control Panel. The tool can help you efficiently stop an IP address or an entire array of IP addresses with only a click of the mouse.

Joined with the detailed web stats and also our GeoIP redirection software tools, the IP Blocking tool will help you proficiently handle the ability to access your web site.

IP Blocking