Perhaps the very best way to understand how a particular task is performed is to watch a video clip where another person shows the very measures you need to undertake. This is valid particularly if you sign up for a new web hosting account without having ever used such services till now, or if you’ve worked with a hosting platform with some other account administration dashboard and are therefore not familiar with the manner in which things are managed on the new one. An educational video can teach you the simplest and fastest way to complete a particular task within your hosting account, saving you the effort of exploring various options until you find the one that you indeed need, or of reading long knowledge base articles, which can at times be unclear as to where you ought to go and what you ought to click.

Video Tutorials in Hosting

As part of our hosting packages, we've created multiple how-to videos where you can watch a demo of our feature-ridden Hepsia hosting Control Panel. We have included both simple tasks like setting up a brand new e-mail address or copying files between folders, and more difficult ones like creating an .htaccess config file or exporting a database. We’ve also got various educational video clips that will let you know what error log files are used for or what system load is. When you go to a specific section of your Control Panel, you’ll be able to see relevant videos that explain how you can carry out various tasks, but you can also see a thorough list of all the videos that we have in another section, which you can access through the Video Tutorials link at the bottom of the page.

Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Servers

In order to help you grow accustomed to our in-house developed Hepsia hosting Control Panel, we’ve compiled an elaborate selection of video tutorials where you can learn how to do virtually everything associated with your semi-dedicated server account. We have tried our utmost best to cover as many tasks as possible, from general info such as what error and access log files are, to more difficult and practical things such as how to export a database or how to park a domain name in your semi-dedicated account. For your convenience’s sake, you can see tutorials that are relevant only to the functions that can be accessed in a certain Control Panel section. Naturally, if you are intending to further multiply your skills and your knowledge, you can check the dedicated video section, which can be accessed through a link, which is located at the bottom of the Control Panel and browse through all the videos that we’ve created for our present and potential clients.